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Cannon FamilyPerfecting Faith Ministry is led by Pastor Kevin Cannon and his lovely wife Ruth Cannon. Pastor Cannon was born in San Francisco California, from an early age he has been conscientious about the welfare of the community in which he resides in, and he is always been a tireless activist for the development of the community. That pursuit has led him down many paths, from political to social involvements that were promoted through the vehicle of entertainment; always with a goal to promote a better society. Pastor Cannon was given an unction from God to build a better community but he discovered with each path that he took to realize that heartfelt dream was unattainable, because the unction was given to him for the purpose of promoting God's Kingdom.

So in 1996 he re-dedicated his life to the Lord while reading Dr. Tony Evans book "What A Way To Live," he was influenced by a quote on the back of the book that stated: "If you want a better world composed of better nations, inhabited by better states, filled with better counties, made up of better cities, comprised of better neighborhoods, illuminated by better churches populated with better families, then you have to start by becoming a better person."   It was there that Pastor Cannon understood that the plight of the community and the issues we all face could only be solved when people become better persons in Christ. The advancement of any society was predicated upon them becoming Christ like and there was no political or social structure that could produce or yield a lasting change like God's kingdom agenda.



In the summer of 1997 while attending a corporate prayer meeting at church he yielded to God and accepted his call to the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through studies and the guidance of the Holy Spirit while under the careful eye of his mentor Rev. Dr. Brett Snowden, Pastor Cannon began preaching and was officially licensed in January of 1999 and was ordained October of 2000. Pastor Cannon's first assignment to pastoral work was in the U.S. territory of Guam at the U.S. Naval Hospital Chapel of Hope in the South Pacific.

The Rev. Dr. F. Winston, Shearin, III ( LCDR (s) CHC,USNR)  said this about Pastor Cannon's service on Guam; "For two years he served our community without remuneration because he sensed the Lord's calling," and he (Chaplin Shearin III) stated that  "he could not have paid for the ministry he provided, his work was priceless, biblically sound, steadfast in the scriptures always available to his flock and proactive in the community. I know of no better minister whom I would offer to you as a shepherd. He is truly a gifted minister and I ache because I now lose his skills, his support and friendship."

Pastor Cannon has also served as an elder at "The Bride of Christ", and "Perfecting Faith Ministries International" in Nashville Tennessee; he tirelessly served in the prison ministry and homeless shelters always seeking to reach the disinherited and disenfranchise people of this world.

Today Pastor Cannon with his wife and two children continue their quest to serve God as they lead the Perfecting Faith Ministry in Fairview Heights, IL, where their ministry theme is"Rebuilding Our Communities One Life At Time."


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